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If you are part of a local community group and would like to apply for funding, you can do so by filling out the Community Grant Application Forms which can be downloaded from the Community Grants page. These forms must be submitted to the Clerk by 27/11/2015 at the latest.


Wednesday 25 November: South Shropshire SNT's Webchat

Members of South Shropshire Safer Neighbourhood Team will be online to answer any questions people have for them from 6pm - 8pm on the 25th November.

You can go the link before to get a reminder for the webchat or visit the link on the 25th to take part in the chat.




Sunday 29 November
1.15 for 1.30 meet
Berriewood Riding School, main entrance and then right at T-junction, SY5 7NN
Just under 5 miles, possibly two hours
Circular walk via Pitchford
Leaders Mike and Sylvi


We have today checked out a route which starts from a point on the airfield where, thanks to very kind permission from Penny Cowdy, we can park and use a short stretch of private land to access a public footpath.

We'll see the solar farms at close quarters; bring bags if you'd like to gather sloes, hips, crab apples, holly, ivy; we'll follow in the steps of Roman soldiers; superb views of The Wrekin, the now defunct Buildwas power station, Lawley, Caradoc, Mynd, Stiperstones, Breiddons (and even some distant Welsh mountains; and we'll have mud, mud, glorious mud.

The walk is generally flat and there are just two short, steepish bits.

From Condover follow signs to Frodesley, pass church and Condover Hall, continue for about 1 mile, and then after passing Berriewood Riding School on your left, turn left into the main entrance.  There's a dressage event on the same day so I suppose there'll be signs for that.  50 yards after turning into the main entrance turn right at a T-junction and we'll gather all cars there to lead you down to the part where we can park and begin our walk.

From direction of Condover Industrial Estate turn right into main entrance of Berriewood Riding Stables. There's a dressage event on the same day so I suppose there'll be signs for that.  50 yards after turning into the main entrance turn right at a T-junction and we'll gather all cars there to lead you down to the part where we can park and begin our walk.


On the 16 December, the Solar farm which is situated at Berriewood Farm will be open from 1.15 to 3pm for all visitors from near and far to come along and have a look round and find out how the scheme came about and how it all works.

For more information please view the poster: pdfSolar Farm Open day (339.69KB).



FRESh (Fairness, Respect, Equality Shropshire Ltd) is a community co-operative. We promote equality, diversity and the elimination of unfair treatment and discrimination for people in and beyond Shropshire.

Every year tens of thousands of people in Britain are upset or hurt in some way because of how they are seen by others. It can include physical violence and brutality, as well as harassment such as being spat at, being called names, being threatened, being bullied through social networking sites or text messages and damage to your house or car. These are all called hate incidents and affect all kinds of people from all walks of life. Sometimes incidents might seem trivial at the time, but when repeated they can cause the same enormous damage to victims, their families and friends, and to wider communities as bigger incidents.

This short survey can be found in the link above. It is anonymous and shouldn't take longer than ten minutes to complete.

We understand that remembering these incidents can be unpleasant, but it will help us to find out how often and what kinds of hate incidents happen in Shropshire. This will guide improvements in how hate incidents are reported, recorded and in the support given to victims. We'd be grateful for your help in filling it in, either online, or by emailing it to us at or by posting it to: FRESh, c/o 7 Severn Bank, Castlefields, Shrewsbury SY1 2JD


Support available

Hate incidents can cause misery and distress, whether physical, mental, financial, emotional or spiritual. If you need support, please contact Victim Support on 0300 303 1977 (free & confidential).

Reporting hate incidents

If you want to report a hate incident that happened to you or someone else, you can contact the police or a third-party reporting centre. The police don't have to be involved and you can report anonymously.

Addresses and phone numbers for reporting in Shropshire are in this leaflet, or download a reporting form directly. Anonymous online reporting can be done via Crime Stoppers.



Shropshire Armed forces Community Covenant

The armed forces covenant sets out the relationship between the nation, the state and the armed forces. It recognises that the whole nation has a moral obligation to members of the armed forces and their families, and establishes how they should expect to be treated.

The Shropshire Community Covenant

At the local level, 'community covenants' are being signed across the country, bringing military and civilian communities together. Our own Shropshire covenant aims to:

  • encourage local communities to support the armed forces community in their areas, nurturing public understanding and awareness among the public of issues affecting the armed forces community
  • recognise and remember the sacrifices faced by the armed forces community
  • encourage activities which help to integrate the armed forces community into local life
  • encourage the armed forces community to help and support the wider community, whether through participation in events and joint projects, or other forms of engagement


Shropshire Armed Forces Covenant Survey 2015

The 2015 Armed Forces Covenant survey is now live and will be open until 18th December.

We are asking all serving personnel, reservists, ex-service personnel and partners to take part by completing this questionnaire.  Your views will help determine decisions made in the future. 

Click here to find out more about the survey and take part 

Go to              



Shropshire Outdoor Partnerships Service is the part of Shropshire Council that maintains and develops recreational access; conserves and enhances the natural environment and encourages people to improve their wellbeing by being active outdoors. Every year we ask our users to complete our online survey to enable us to identify trends in usage and form clear priorities for future delivery.

If you could take 10 minutes to fill out this survey it would be much appreciated. Follow the link below and click on "How to Get Involved"



The Latest edition of our Parish Newsletter has been compiled. Recently councillors have been finding it increasingly difficult to deliver your edition of the Newsletter to your door. To be sure to receive it electronically, please send an email to the editor: from the address you wish it to be sent to stating that you would like an electronic copy of the newsletter. Paper copies will also be made available in Condover & Dorrington Post Offices. Alternatively you can simply download the .PDF version of it from this website:

pdfCPC Newsletter - Autumn 2015 (2960.76KB)

Also available online for anyone in the Parish, although it will be more appealing to residents of Ryton, is the August/September 2015 Edition of the Ryton Village Newsletter:

pdfRyton Newsletter Edition #71 (1602.83KB)



There is a new number for the out of hours "Shrop Doc" service that is provided to all residents in Shropshire. The new telephone number is now live:
0333 222 66 55

Call charges to 0333 numbers from any landline is dependent on the originators calling tariffs, but are generally charged at the same rate as a local call. (From BT landlines call costs will be 1ppm) .Calls from mobiles to 0333 numbers are generally included in originators call minutes package


Shaping Your Outdoors Newsletter

The latest edition of Shaping your outdoors, the newsletter of Shropshire Council's Outdoor Partnerships Service, is now available to view online. The newsletter highlights the work they do to improve Shropshire's public rights of way network, countryside parks and sites, green spaces and play areas

Autumn 2015 Edition of Shaping your Outdoors  can be accessed here.


Condover Parish Youth Club are open to people of all ages in the parish and holding events through Autumn and Winter that people might be interested in attending. A poster detailing the events taking place can be found here:
pdfYouth Club Events Poster 2015-16 (176.62KB)

For full details of the Youth Clubs you can visit the Youth Diary Dates section of the website here.




Broadband is here

Some 500 premises in Condover parish can now upgrade to fibre broadband from their chosen internet service provider. We cannot guarantee that everybody is able to order a fibre broadband package, you'll need to contact your chosen internet service provider to check availability. You might like to take this opportunity to shop around to see if you can get a better deal elsewhere on a comparison website, for example:   

Most of the other premises in the parish are connected to either cabinet 1 or cabinet 3 in the Dorrington exchange, both of which will be upgraded to a fibre to the premises solution, which can deliver download/upload speeds of up to 300/30mbps.

Cabinet 1 in Stapleton serves about 70 premises in the parish and work to provide fibre broadband to this area is expected to be completed at the end of 2016. 

Cabinet 3 serves about 140 premises in Condover Park and the Ryton area. Work to provide access to fibre broadband in this area is 90% complete and our current expectation is the work will be completed and commissioned next spring.

REMEMBER: To connect to fibre broadband, people need to contact their chosen internet service provider to upgrade their broadband package, the broadband speeds won't increase automatically. _____________________________________________


to view the finished document online, please follow this link:
pdf2015 Parish Plan (5584.49KB)

If you would prefer to have a physical copy of the Parish Plan booklet then you can contact your local parish councillor or the clerk to receive one. To find out more about the Parish Plan, please visit the Parish Plan Revisited page of this website.



Shropshire residents of all ages are being invited to share their views on priorities which have been set out to improve the health and wellbeing of the population of Shropshire.

The revised draft Shropshire's Health and Wellbeing Strategy outlines the long-term vision for health and wellbeing in the county and identifies the immediate priority areas for action.

The Health and Wellbeing Board wants to hear from all Shropshire residents, to find out what Shropshire people think of the proposed priorities and whether they agree with the vision outlined in the draft strategy.

People can share their views by filling in our short online survey.

People have until 29th November 2015 to fill in the survey.

For more information about the survey or to request the survey in another format contact Penny Bason or Charlotte Cadwallader by emailing or or by calling 01743 253937


More information about the survey and the Health and Wellbeing Strategy itself can be found in the latest edition of the Shropshire Council Health & Wellbeing Newsletter.


To find more information about this and other healthcare news in our area you can also look on the NHS Future Fit website here:



Available for viewing and may be of interest to residents in the Parish is the PCC's quarterly update - including updates on the policing budget, rural crime and the new deal on services for victims of crime. It can be accessed by visiting the following website: 

For more information on Police Matters in our parish please visit the Police page of this website here.

Both Warwickshire and West Mercia police have new improved websites which make it easier to find information on staying safe online and in your community as well as important information for victims and witnesses as well as information for offenders.

You can find the new websites at the links given here: and



The latest edition of the Shropshire Rural Hub Newsletter is available to view online here. The Shropshire Rural Hub is an informal producer-led network of rural businesses which aims to work with partners to stimulate and support innovative and dynamic rural enterprise and achieve a sustainable rural economy for Shropshire.

pdfShropshire Rural Hub Newsletter - October 2015 (245.1KB)



There is a lot of interesting and importance information in the Shropshire Rural Hub Newsletter; the following is an extract from the February Edition of their newsletter but is very important for anyone who uses the internet, whether on a daily basis or only sporadically:

On December 1st 2014, Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police launched the #Be Cyber Smart campaign to raise awareness of internet-related crime and to give people the knowledge they need to protect themselves. The first phase focuses on online shopping; Here are a few simple tips and safety checks:

Don't Transfer Money
Always pay for items you buy online by card on a secure payment page, by cheque or by cash, in person. However desperate you are to secure an item, never transfer money into the seller's account, as you may never see the goods or your money ever again.

Check that Payment Pages are Secure
Before you enter your card details on a payment page, make sure it is secure by checking that the address starts with "https‟ (the "s‟ stands for "secure‟) and there's a padlock or unbroken key symbol in the browser window.

Use a Credit Card
Remember that you have more chance of getting your money back in the event of problems if you pay by credit card rather than debit card. Some sellers may charge a premium, but it could well be worth the extra for your peace of mind.

Use Auction Sites Safely
Many of us buy from online auction sites. Always use trusted and well-known payment methods instead of paying sellers directly. Read the site and seller's conditions. For your personal safety, if you're collecting in person, take someone with you or let people know where you're going.

Check Out Bargains with Care
If you find, or are emailed about an item that seems just too much of a bargain, it could be a scam, fake goods or it doesn't match the description. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Use Social Networks Safely
Social networks are a popular medium for scams and are becoming increasingly so. If you see a post promising something free of charge, free entry to a competition with a fantastic prize or perhaps an offer that seems just too good to be true, consider very carefully before following it up.

Use Email Safely
An email urging you to click on a link to reveal a special offer, to open an attachment containing some great news, or to "confirm details" or "reset your account", could well be a scam, even if it appears to come from a reputable source. If in doubt, delete the email and don't respond to or forward it.

Look After That Smartphone or Tablet
Protect your smartphone or tablet by downloading a reputable internet security app and make sure it's safeguarded with a PIN. Install parental control software on kids' mobile devices and chat to them about how to use the internet safely.

Remember to Log Out
When you've finished your online shopping or banking session, always log out of the website or app... it only takes a second. Sometimes, just closing the window doesn't mean you've logged out, and someone else could gain access to your account and personal details. Don't forget to check and save purchase confirmation emails.

Make Sure Wi-Fi is Secure
Wherever you are, make sure the Wi-Fi is secured. When you're out and about, in the caf?, the pub or a hotel for example, you can't guarantee it's secured even if you have to enter a code. When you're shopping, banking or making other online payments, it's better to connect with 3G or 4G, even if it's slower.

Beware of Scam Phone Calls
If someone posing as a retailer calls you to confirm an online purchase, it could well be a scam. The idea is that you won't remember the purchase, and call your bank. However, the fraudster stays on the line, and tricks you into revealing your financial details. If this happens, hang up, don't call back, but report it to Action Fraud.

Check Bank Statements
Check your bank and credit card accounts regularly for irregular or unauthorised transactions. If you spot any entries you don‟t recognise, contact your bank without delay. Make sure your bank has your up-to-date contact details so they can alert you if they spot anything unusual.

For more information about staying safe online and the scams to look out for, go to and 
If you think you have been a victim of fraud report it to Action Fraud, the UK's national fraud reporting centre, by calling 0300 123 20 40 or by visiting:



The National Plant Monitoring Scheme was launched this year and is the first of its kind and asks for volunteers across the United Kingdom to visit a kilometre square local to them and record the plants they find there in several different plots. The scheme will enable us to explore how plants in different habitats are responding to changes in the environment.

This is done through the examination of the plant species in the square plot, volunteers receive training and are expected to survey their plot 2 times a year. Volunteers for the scheme may be individuals or small groups.

If anyone in the Parish is interested in becoming a volunteer of the scheme you can find out more by reading the following document: pdfEvery Flower Counts NPMS (208.16KB)

or visiting the National Plant Monitoring Scheme Website:  



The Emergency information holders are the brainchild of a West Mercia Police officer looking at a way of utilising the now defunct tax disk holders. The idea is that the disk is easily identifiable by emergency services as it only makes the information available after access to the vehicle is gained, thus keeping your personal data out of sight.

pdfEmergency Contact Disc (125.36KB)

 Above is a poster detailing how the emergency contact details can be put into the tax disc holder and is available for you to print-out, cut-out and place in your car.