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There is new page on our website dedicated to the updates to the Parish Plan. You can view it by selecting the "Parish Plan Revisited" page on the menu on the left hand side or alternatively by clicking here.


Work to install the long awaited pedestrian crossing on the A49 in Dorrington is scheduled to begin in late April and subject to weather conditions, will be completed by mid-May.

Following on from the Public Drop In Session held on 25 March at Dorrington Village Hall; when plans for the new pelican crossing were presented to  village residents by the Highways Agency and their contractor Amey.  Following agreement with local parish councillors and the SC Highways representative adjustments to the installation of bollards near the local shop were agreed; whilst concerns voiced by two local residents were taken on board and the HA proposed actions to ensure any additional noise and light pollution arising is mitigated.

The Parish Council would like to thank Tim Barker for his support for the crossing which was formally identified as a priority by the Community in the 2009 Parish Plan.  



The Latest edition of our Parish Newsletter has been compiled. Recently councillors have been finding it increasingly difficult to deliver your edition of the Newsletter to your door, especially with vacancies in the Condover Ward. To be sure to receive it electronically, please send an email to the editor: from the address you wish it to be sent to stating that you would like an electronic copy of the newsletter.  Paper copies will also be made available in Condover & Dorrington Post Offices. Alternatively you can simply download the .PDF version of it from this website:
pdfCPC Newsletter Spring 2014 Edition (3832.27KB)


Also available online for anyone in the Parish, although it will be more appealing to residents of Ryton, is the Autumn 2013 Ryton Village Newsletter:pdfRyton Village Newsletter No.63 (1636.66KB)



The Parish Council met on 18 February 2014 and following a well attended meeting strongly opposed the following planning applications:

13/04994/FUL - Proposed installation of 2 wind turbines at Condover. 

14/00155/FUL - Land adjacent to Condover fishing pools; change of use. 

14/00188/OUT - Land At Jubilee Farm, Church Road, Dorrington. 

14/00190/OUT - Land adjacent to Limes Paddock, Dorrington. 

For details of the planning applications and Parish Council's  submissions please access the Shropshire Council Public Access System: 


The Parish Council met on 4 March 2014 and following a well attended meeting strongly opposed the following planning application:

14/00335/OUT - Outline application for 47 dwellings; sports clubhouse, bar, school hall, car parking etc at Condover; behind Station Road and Shrewsbury Road.


The Parish is currently being swamped by planning applications from developers and as suggested at their meeting on 18/2/2014 recommend that residents write to the MP about the consequences of the National Planning Policy Framework and the 5 year housing supply. For this purpose I have attached a draft letter below for your convenience.
The letter when completed can be sent by email to the MP: or posted.

docLetter to the MP - 5 Year Land Supply & NPPF (37.5KB)

Any comments you wish to make specifically about the Station Rd; Condover application should be sent to Shropshire Council Planning Department or submitted via the Shropshire Council Public Access System; this needs to be done as soon as possible: 

We urge you to re-write to your MP about NPPF and have your opinion heard. As well as this, you can sign up to the electronic petition linked below and do something to show you care about the current planning fiasco!

EPetition -  Amend the NPPF  -    if you wish to support the petition Log on to The petition states:

   "We the undersigned support the principles of the NPPF but believe that its implementation has led to unanticipated consequences"  -  "We believe that such large scale development risks massive, irreversible damage to our villages and the surrounding countryside."

Your individual support is urgently needed; please support your community.



As flooding is so much in the news due to the recent weather conditions, Shropshire Council would like to remind you about the free property flood protection assessments which are offered for free by us here at Shropshire Council.

We're is working hard to manage flood risk across the county and is busy learning about the flooding issues that affect different areas.

As part of its approach, Shropshire Council is offering free residential property flood protection assessments, where internal flooding has been experienced.  Assessments will be carried out by an approved surveyor who is independent of manufacturers of flooding related products.  An assessment will be made of the likely routes of ingress for flood water entering your property, and measures that could be used to prevent or mitigate flood damage to your home will be suggested.  After visiting, the surveyor will issue a brief report outlining their findings.  You can then use the report to help plan protective measures for your property.  Shropshire Council can provide further guidance on the types of products that are available.

To request a visit, please send your contact details to or complete the attached form and return to us at Shirehall.

pdfProperty Protection Assessment Application Form (25.62KB)



The Parish Council would like to pass on information about the support available to farmers affected by flooding, the Farming Recovery Fund and revisions made to the Farming and Forestry Improvement Scheme (FFIS).

The Farming Recovery Fund has been launched and guidance is available explaining how farmers can apply for funding to restore flooded agricultural land and bring it back into production. Any farm holding in England can apply for grants of between £500 and £5,000 if they are or have been affected by the recent flood events (since December 1, 2013). To view guidance and the application form outline itself please use the shortened link to the government website:
All applications must be submitted by 9th May 2014.

If you have any queries or require further information please visit: . Alternatively contact Jo Jury on Tel: 01905 768854 , Mobile: 07919112004 , Email: .


There is a new telephone scam which has been around recently and the West Mercia team would like to warn all people about it. Please read below for further details of the scam and pass on the message to warn friends and family:

Police Warning over scam campaign


 The West Mercia January 2014 report on keeping yourself, your neighbours, your possessions and the parish as a whole a safer place to live can be found  here:
pdfPolice Newsletter - January 2014 (175.3KB)

The Monthly Crime Report for February from West Mercia is also available to view here:
pdfShrewsbury Rural South monthly February 2014 (175.34KB) 

Also of interest to people in the parish who want to protect their proerty further, is the South Shropshire Crime Reductions Campaign document, attached below.
It contains a list of devices you can purchase to protect your home and details here you can purchase them from.
pdfCrime Reduction Campaign in South Shropshire (317.46KB)


The newest version of the action plan for the Parish Plan is now available on the website: pdfAction Plan Update April 2013 (434.15KB)

The 2012 and past versions of the action plan are available on the website on the Parish Plan page if residents wanted to view them. 




The Council will be considering applications during the year made using a standard grant application form. If you are a local community group seeking financial assistance please download and complete the grant application forms which can be found on the Council's website here or alternatively request one from the Clerk. An upper limit of £100 is applicable for each small grant application; whilst larger grants may be applied for using the slightly more complex grant application form. Budgets are tight funding may not be available in the current year but every application will be considered and where the PC considers it merits support it will integrate it in to future budgets so please do not be out off from applying.


You can report incidents of dog fouling by completing the Shropshire Council Online Report Form  or by contacting Shropshire Council Customer Service Centre on 0345 678 9006 

Dog owners are required by law to clean up after their dog; failure to do so can result in a fixed penalty notice being issued or possible prosecution.

Dog waste should be disposed of in the appropriate manner, either by utilising the Shropshire Council dog or litter bins or by taking it home and disposing of it in your general refuse bin.

The Shropshire Council online form can be found here



The  Parish Council wish to make to make the following responses to the consultation:

Dorington -  The Parish Council proposes amendment to pages 30 and 32 to reflect their ammended village design statement and village development boundary. These have arisen as a result of the public consultation event held on 9th June 2012.

Condover - The Parish Council (PC) support Shropshire Council's SAMDev Draft (Feb 2012) as is and (are pleased to see that phasing of development is well covered on pages 28, 31 & 32). 

Ryton - The Parish Council support the Shropshire Council's SAMDev Draft (Feb 2012) as is which identifies Ryton as countryside.

Stapleton - The Parish Council support Shropshire Council's SAMDev Draft (Feb 2012) as is.

SAMDev Minerals Allocation - Preferred Site Salop Sand & Gravel.

Whilst the Parish Council (PC) is not against expansion of the quarry, it does not support the scale of the quarry development included in Shropshire Council's SAMDev Draft (Feb 2012).

The PC objects to the quarry development North of the blue line (AA) being included (see plan Appendix A):-

1) The extraction is too close to the Village of Condover.
2) The extraction is too close to the Cound Brook.
3) The inclusion of this section as a "preferred option" may lead to planners "tending in favour" if a full planning application is received along these lines.

The PC object to the quarry development South of the blue line (BB) being included (see plan Appendix A):-

1) The extraction is too close to the Village of Ryton.
2) The inclusion of this section as a "preferred option" may lead to planners "tending in favour" if a full planning application is received along these lines.

The PC will not support the proposed new quarry access to the A49 without first seeing a full and comprehensive traffic study carried out, therefore does not support its inclusion as a "preferred option" as planners may "tend in favour" if a full planning application is received along these lines. Note that the PC are specifically concerned that this new quarry access to the A49 may lead to Grange Lane, Condover becoming a "rat run" for traffic into/through the village. 

Once the quarrying is finished, the PC expect the subsequent landscaping to include new public footpaths and a new bridal way providing local residents with full public rights of way across the quarry site (note the PC are not looking for any form of closed nature reserve or "permissive" access). After all of the years of traffic related to mineral extraction that the village's have/will have gone through the PC consider it entirely reasonable that the residents get this full access.

As with new housing development, the PC trust that the PC will receive a levy in relation to new mineral extraction. Please advise what will be the value of this levy per tonne. 

Appendix A can be found and downloaded here.

Please go to this website for details of the Shropshire Council's Preferred Options Site Allocations Management Development Consultation relating to your Parish & Shrewsbury.


A website dedicated to helping people live independently at home as they get older has been set up ontheShropshire council website. The upgraded site introduced a few more sections covering   different aspects that can be of interest to persons:
 End of Life Care           /           Elder Abuse           /           How to Avoid Falling



As Clerk I have witnessed that the Parish Council is frequently approached about matters over which they have no jurisdiction or powers. Shropshire's Safer Stronger Communities Partnership believes that all residents and tenants have the right to live peacefully within their home and communities and is committed to tackling anti-social behaviour.

Anti-social behaviour can take many forms, including playing loud music in the early hours of the morning, graffiti and vandalism, offensive and threatening behaviour, harassment and intimidation, fly-tipping and fly-posting. 

The Partnership is reminding residents that there is now a single reporting number for people to report incidents of anti-social behaviour. If you have experienced or witnessed anti-social behaviour, you shouldn't suffer in silence, please tell them about it by calling: 0345 678 9020



With over 5,000 kilometres of roads, cycleways, footpaths and verges in Shropshire, it is not possible for the council to inspect all of the network all of the time. You can help us by reporting any maintenance problems you see. It is important to provide accurate details of the problem, including; what the problem is, where it is located, when you noticed the problem and your name and contact details. You can report a problem by following this link to the Shropshire Council Website


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