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Condover, Dorrington, Ryton and Stapleton
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The Latest edition of our Parish Newsletter has been compiled. Recently councillors have been finding it increasingly difficult to deliver your edition of the Newsletter to your door. To be sure to receive it electronically, please send an email to the editor: from the address you wish it to be sent to stating that you would like an electronic copy of the newsletter. Paper copies will also be made available in Condover & Dorrington Post Offices. Alternatively you can simply download the .PDF version of it from this website:
pdfCondover Parish Newsletter January 2015 Edition (887.04KB)

Also available online for anyone in the Parish, although it will be more appealing to residents of Ryton, is the February 2015 Ryton Village Newsletter:

pdfRyton Newsletter Edition #69 (1817.74KB)


Local residents Mike and Sylvi have recently been organising local walks for anyone to come along to. They talk place approximately monthly with the last one being held on Sunday 22nd February. 
They have also recently been asking if anyone can help them out and offer to lead any other local walks for everyone to enjoy. We'd like our walks to be open to all;
  • to use mainly Condover parish footpaths to help us all get to know them and to keep the weeds down with our feet;
  • to start from various points of the parish, eg, Condover, Dorrington, Ryton, Stapleton;
  • to involve as many different people as possible to lead, co-lead, bring up the rear, stick up leaflets ...

If you would like to offer to help out or know of anyone else who would be interested in helping or even attending one of the walks then please feel free to circulate this information on to friends, neighbours and family.We'd love to hear which days YOU favour for walking, also what distances, special requests etc.

To get in touch with Sylvi and Mike telephone: 01743 718 511 or 07859 049 349.



We desperately need adult volunteers to assist the supervision of our Youth Club. Please help by coming along to our next meeting;

6th March - Dorrington or

13th March - Stapleton  (a Street Dance class at 7.00 pm)

Thank you for your help, after all, it is these young people that will one day be paying for your retirement.



Web:      Email:

Telephone: 01743 252203      Twitter: @ConnectingShrop

Connecting Shropshire is a £26m programme to bring fibre broadband to the more rural parts of the Shropshire Council area, where private companies are not going to provide it as part of their commercial plans. The programme has already started to provide people with access to fibre broadband with download speeds of up to 80mbps, about 10x faster than the average for the county as a whole. More than 28,000 homes and businesses across a range of exchange areas, from Albrighton to Alberbury and St. Martins to Cleobury Mortimer, are now within reach of the new fibre broadband network that we're building.

UPDATE: Condover village is now connected to fibre optics.

Part of Dorrington village has also been connected.

Most of the other premises in the parish are connected to one of four cabinets in the Dorrington exchange. Cabinet 1 in Stapleton serves about 70 premises in the parish and work to provide fibre broadband to this area will begin sometime in 2016.  Cabinet 3 serves about 140 premises in the Ryton area is being worked on at the moment and will be providing a fibre to the premise solution, with availability likely from summer 2015. Cabinet 4 serves about 150 homes and businesses in Dorrington and is now live and accepting orders. Cabinet 5 serves about 100 premises in Dorrington and availability is likely from summer 2015.

It's a huge engineering challenge and we can't do everywhere at the same time so if you're not yet within reach of the new network, please bear with us.

To see whether you have access to fibre broadband, use the checker at:

REMEMBER: To connect to fibre broadband, people need to contact their chosen internet service provider to upgrade their broadband package, the broadband speeds won't increase automatically. Not all premises in an exchange area will get access to fibre broadband and not all premises served by a fibre cabinet will necessarily get access to faster broadband.  


Shaping Your Outdoors Newsletter

The latest edition of Shaping your outdoors, the newsletter of Shropshire Council's Outdoor Partnerships Service, is now available to view online. The newsletter will be issued quarterly and will highlight the work they do to improve Shropshire's public rights of way network, countryside parks and sites, green spaces and play areas

Winter 2014 Edition of Shaping your Outdoors  can be accessed here 


The Latest Shropshire Rural Hub Newsletter is now available to view on this site. This newsletter is intended for those working in a rural or farming environment. Inside this edition, there is a useful reminder to people about staying safe on the internet and what to do if you believe a fraud has been committed. The Newsletter can be accessed here:

pdfShropshire Rural Hub Newsletter February 2015 (346.19KB)


Outdoor Partnerships Annual Customer survey is now open!

The Outdoor Partnerships Service looks after the county's public rights of way, country parks, countryside sites, urban green spaces and play areas. To help improve our services Shropshire Council undertakes an annual user satisfaction survey. They'd like to hear from you, even if you don't use these outdoor recreational assets.

Please take the time to complete this short questionnaire and help us to develop and improve the service. In these days of stringent financial measures your responses will help us to identify key areas for maintenance and development. 

The survey can be found here:

The survey closes on the 16th March and should only take about 10 minutes of your time, depending on how much detail you give when answering the questions. 



November 1st 2014 saw a new telephone number being made available to book non-emergency patient transport for eligible patients in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin.

The number can be used by clinics, hospitals and eligible patients themselves.
The number for this is:
01743 762650,

People can also expect to see the new-look non-emergency ambulances appearing on our roads within the next few months. These ambulances will take eligible patients attending appointments at the main hospitals and other NHS healthcare providers across Telford and Shropshire and surrounding areas. The service will also use a range of other vehicles as well as ambulances. 

The non-emergency transport service currently involves around 140,000 patient journeys per year. Transport and staff will be provided to match the needs of individual patients - ranging from those who are fully mobile and do not need support to those that need intensive help and support to get to their healthcare provider. 

Dr Julie Davies, Director of Strategy and Service Redesign at Shropshire CCG said: "Medical Services are a long-established provider of non-emergency patient transport services nationally and have an excellent record. Patients should notice very little difference in the service they receive, apart from a slight change to the livery of the ambulances."

As well as the main hospitals in the area, the service will also transport patients to and from appointments at community locations including primary care centres, community clinics, GP practices, dental practices, optometrist practices, private and independent providers as well as nursing and residential homes.

Kevin Shire, Managing Director for Medical Services said: "We are looking forward to working in partnership with the CCGs to provide patients with a high quality non-emergency patient transport service.

"We pride ourselves on putting patients first by delivering an outstanding service with the highest standards of care, cleanliness, safety and training."

The non-emergency patient transport service has absolutely no impact on 999 emergency ambulances which will continue to be run by West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust (WMAS).


Mathew James,  Head of Governance and Involvement , Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Telephone: 01743 277595, Email: , Web:



Please find below the latest edition of Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust's stakeholder newsletter - Community Health News. This edition features news about the expansion of Integrated Community Services, the new Family Nurse Partnership service, as well as looking at the work being carried out to strengthen patient and carer engagement.

pdfShropshire Comm Health News Issue 5 (601.92KB)

This newsletter is also available to download from the Newsletter section of the Trust website, where you can find out the latest news and updates from Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust.



The Emergency information holders are the brainchild of a West Mercia Police officer looking at a way of utilising the now defunct tax disk holders. The idea is that the disk is easily identifiable by emergency services as it only makes the information available after access to the vehicle is gained, thus keeping your personal data out of sight.

pdfEmergency Contact Disc (125.36KB)

 Above is a poster detailing how the emergency contact details can be put into the tax disc holder and is available for you to print-out, cut-out and place in your car.


There is a new page on our website dedicated to the updates to the Parish Plan. You can view it by selecting the "Parish Plan Revisited" page on the menu on the left hand side or alternatively by clicking here.


future fit logo
As you will hopefully be aware there is a lot going on to explore and decide upon changes intended to improve the delivery of Health Care locally. A number of public meetings have been held recently which were advertised in the parish. their outcomes are currently being deliberated and the best way to keep in touch with this is to follow it through their website.

The Programme is called "Future Fit" and more detail can be found on the web site:-

These are very important considerations and will have real effects on how (and where) Heath Care is delivered locally.  Please have a good read and then hopefully get involved in having your say - these things are sometimes not very well advertised and communicated - it's hard reaching out to people in such Rural Communities. But your input will help direct decisions currently being made.

After all we all use the NHS at some point in our lives...